Cops warn of crime trends

Mitchell’s Plain police are warning residents about the theft of dustbins and safety at the beach.

They are also urging businesses to take care around the Promenade Mall and Town Centre as criminals have been stealing from delivery vehicles.

Captain Ian Williams, Mitchell’s Plain police station spokesperson, issued the following safety tips:

Theft out of motor vehicle

For delivery vehicles, ensure the back of the vehicle is locked with a padlock if possible. Keep the back locked even when travelling short distances between off-loading points.

Have an escort vehicle available whenever possible.

Inform police if there are suspicious people near where you are off-loading goods.

Theft of dustbins

Captain Williams said they want to remind residents that dustbins belong to the council.

“They are to be used for storage purposes, dirt collection, at the residence or business premises.

“Residents are advised to only put out dustbins on garbage collection days. Bins should not be neglected or not used to transport goods.

“Persons found in possession of a dustbin being used for anything other than its intended purpose can face criminal prosecution,” said Captain Williams.

Safety at the beach

The Mitchell’s Plain police cluster has noticed an increase in crime at isolated spots along the beaches, said Captain Williams.

“Please ensure that the area where you are parked is a safe space. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your vehicles locked at all times. Ensure that there are ample exit routes should the need for a getaway arise in any emergency. Avoid dense and high bushes where you are unable to see persons or vehicles approaching you. Stick to the public spaces where there are officials. Try to move in a group as it is a safer option,” said Captain Williams.