Cops make drug arrests in Rocklands, Eastridge

Mandrax was found in Eastridge.

A 53-year-old woman was arrested for being in possession of 34 packets of tik in Albatross Street in Rocklands on Tuesday December 6, at around 6.30pm after the Mitchell’s Plain Crime Prevention unit searched the house.

On the same day, a man, aged 25, had been arrested for being in possession of 150 mandrax pills at the corner of Katdoring and Spine roads in Eastridge. Twelve hours before, another man, aged 19, had been arrested when he was found to be in possession of 35 whole mandrax tablets wrapped in foil and two small packages of dagga in Dove Street in Rocklands. Mitchell’s Plain spokesperson Captain Ian Williams said residents looking for help with their drug use or addiction, can contact the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA).

“Drug and alcohol addiction fuels crime such as domestic violence, assault, theft and robbery as addicts are often desperate for money to support their habit.”

But, he said: “Help is available,” and warned that: “Persons found in possession of illegal substances such as dagga will be criminally prosecuted.”

Three men aged 45, 43 and 38 were arrested for being in possession of a firearm and five live rounds in Lonian Street in Rocklands, around noon on Monday December 5.

According to police the suspects are linked to an armed robbery which had occurred earlier the afternoon. Captain Williams said the two men got into a taxi and robbed all the passengers.

“The suspects pointed a firearm at the victims and managed to get away with cellphones and an undisclosed amount of cash. All of the stolen property was recovered by the Cape Town Central Tactical Response Team members. One of the suspects is a notorious gang leader,” he said.

The men face various charges, including possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition, tampering with a firearm, armed robbery and possession of stolen property. All three men live in Rocklands.

Residents interested in joining the SAPS Reservists Corps are invited to apply at the their nearest recruitment office or the Mitchell’s Plain police station.

According to Captain William SAPS are looking for energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit people who are dedicated, with a desire to serve their country on a voluntary basis.

In terms of regulations of SAPS you may be called up by the National Commissioner to perform duties in order to strengthen and support the police in performing its constitutional mandate as set out in Section 205 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,1996 and that you will not receive payment unless so called up.