Cops arrest man for murder, seize firearms and ammo

In the past week, police seized three firearms and ammunition in Tafelsig and arrested a man for attempted murder in Westridge.

Police arrested a 24-year-old man for the possession of a firearm and ammunition after receiving a complaint about shooting on the corner of Moira and Francis streets in Tafelsig on Sunday June 27 around 2.45pm.

When police arrived at the scene, they saw a man with a firearm in his hand who started running away when he saw the police vehicle. He threw the firearm into the yard of a nearby property and when police apprehended him, they took him to where he had discarded the black 9mm Vector Z88 firearm, with its serial number removed, and a magazine containing three live rounds and one round in the chamber.

The man also had eleven 9mm rounds in a white sock.

On Friday June 25 at 8am Mitchell’s Plain Proactive members were in Huguenot Street, Tafelsig when they stopped and searched a man who was found to be in possession of a 9mm firearm with its serial number in tact and with a live round in his possession. Police arrested the man, 24, who faces charges of unlawful possession of prohibited firearm and ammunition and is not believed to be a gang member.

In another incident on Friday June 25, a man was arrested for unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition as well as two attempted murders and an attack on police.

At about 9.10am Mitchell’s Plain SAPS members were stopped by a resident who informed them about a shooting in Leeukop Street, Tafelsig, where police found a man who had sustained gunshot wounds.

The The suspect had allegedly shot at the police, who returned fire and arrested him. Police recovered a firearm and collected 28 cartridges at the scene.

Police arrested a man, 40, who is believed to be a gang member and faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, two attempted murders and an attack on police.

Follow-up investigations into a shooting in Westridge on Monday June 14, led to the arrest of a suspect, 46 on Thursday June 24.

At 11pm on the day of the shooting, Mitchell’s Plain SAPS had responded to a complaint of a shooting on a field at Old Nectar Close, Westridge.

The victim had reportedly been walking across the field when he was approached by two men, one of whom had called him by his name before approaching him and opening fire. The victim ran away, but sustained a gunshot wound to his stomach.

The suspect faces a charge of attempted murder.