Coot committee continues work

Weltevreden Block Watch members.

Mitchell’s Plain Community Police Forum (CPF) chairman Abie Isaacs says due process was followed when voting for the Weltevreden Block Watch led to the Coot Block Committee, in Rocklands, being voted out.

The recently voted-in block watch held a meeting at the park, bordered by Weltevreden Road, Iblis and Canary roads, in Rocklands, on Thursday September 13.

They called on residents to join them on patrols and help where they could to ensure the safety of all residents.

Desiree Maneveld, chairwoman of Weltevreden Block Watch, asked the community how they could assist residents in making the area safer.

Each block watch member has a specific task, including notifying the City of Cape Town of dumping, street lighting not working and where law enforcement officers were needed to enforce by-laws.

On Tuesday September 11 Coot Block Watch members met with Community Safety MEC Dan Plato to discuss their ousting after the new block watch was elected in July.

Brenda Cooper, chairperson of the block, said they were advised that they could continue to patrol as they were serving their community.

“We’ve been doing it for years.We are accredited, we have the training and we can continue what we are doing because street committees are not legislated,” she said.

Mr Isaacs told the Plainsman the Coot block had attended initial meetings but had refused to attend follow-up meetings, which had led to outsting.

“They were intimidating the community and were harsh towards they youth, who we want to have join the safety structures,” he said.

Ewald Botha, spokesman for Mr Plato, confirmed that they had met with the Coot block delegation and would see how they could be assisted.