Concern over annual general meeting

Fadiel Adams, Gatvol Capetonian, Mitchell’s Plain

It is with concern that I note the Mitchell’s Plain Integrated Development Forum (MPIDF) held an annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday July 13.

(I am) concerned because this meeting was held in the absence of an adopted constitution – meaning that the very foundation of the movement meant to forward the upliftment of a marginalised community is questionable.

It is a fact that I raised with various leaders of the MPIDF, and although they acknowledged and even agreed with my concerns, the meeting went ahead anyway.

Now we have started our quest for community upliftment on the premise of transparency – and transparency is already out by the window, and the MPIDF is only in its infancy.

Also, the MPIDF purports to be the mouthpiece of Mitchell’s Plain.

I need to point out the blazingly obvious: there were fewer than 100 people at the meeting.

They cannot possibly pretend to speak for the one million plus residents of Mitchell’s Plain.

That is the sole preserve of the only elected councillors we voted for.

In addition to this there are other forums being formed, hopefully with less secrecy and with the transparency we seek.

In closing, I believe that a formation like the MPIDF is needed, however, in the absence of due process and transparency, we as Gatvol Capetonian cannot at this time support it.

Marshall Nelson, chairman of Mitchell’s Plain Integrated Development Forum (MPIDF), responds:

On behalf of the MPIDF, I advise that the content is noted and it will be tabled at our first MPIDF executive committee meeting to be held on Wednesday July 24.

Should the exco resolve that it warrants a response from MPIDF, we will advise in due course.