Community workers go beyond call of duty

Left: Standing at the back, from left, are civic honours recipients Marilyn van der Spuy and Michelle Jurias. In front are Charmaine Marhota, Sakienah Daniels, Captain Raymond Solomon, from Mitchells Plain police station, and Sheval Arendse, councillor for Ward 82, who nominated them.

Two pupils, sixteen Mitchell’s Plain community workers and members, a police officer and area south director for urban management, Alesia Bosman, were recognised by Wolfgat Sub-councillor for surpassing their civic duty.

The certificate ceremony for civic honours took place at the sub-council chamber in Lentegeur, on Thursday February 21.

Eddie Andrews, councillor for Ward 78, nominated Marina Speckman for teaching confirmation and the development of the confirmation syllabus to youth across the Anglican Diocese of False Bay.

Solomon Philander, councillor for Ward 79, nominated Farieda Dulvie for her commitment and promotion of health and fitness with seniors; Edries Mussa, a Beacon Hill High School pupil for driving positive change with youth; Preston Adams for creating job opportunities; Valerie Ditta for her commitment to seniors; Caroline Mentor for safety (“Gangs and drugs top agenda”, Plainsman June 14 2017); Jacobie Appolis for inspiring youth by being an entrepreneur; and Janine van Rooy for empowering women through arts and culture (“A boost for women”, Plainsman, November 8 2018).

Danny Christians, councillor for Ward 81, nominated Valerie Moses for her continued efforts to deal with crime-related issues (“Rocklands watch making the difference”, Plainsman, May 11 2016); Portland Block B Neighbourhood Watch for fighting crime; Alesia Valda Bosman for assisting and guiding both councillors and council officials; and Imaan Ahmed, 9, from Portland, who saved her three-year-old brother’s life (“Girl hailed a hero after saving her brother’s life”, Plainsman, October 10 2018);

Sheval Arendse, councillor for Ward 82, nominated Sakienah Daniels, who narrowly escaped death after being shot during gang crossfire (“Gun shot wound won’t deter crime fighter”, Plainsman February 6), for her involvement in Mitchell’s Plain Community Police Forum’s Child Rapid Response Unit (CRRU); Patronella Sapto for her dedication to early childhood development; Captain Raymond Solomon, sector commander for Tafelsig West, for his work with youth and equipping them with skills and development with karate (“Crime gets karate cop chop”, Plainsman, September 20, 2017); Marilyn van der Spuy for assisting the most vulnerable; Najuwa Gallant, for assisting backyard dwellers (“Housing no show”, Plainsman February 20); Charmaine Marhota for her hard work in the safety and security sector (“‘A Team’ looks for missing kids”, Plainsman, July 11 2018); and Michelle Jurias for her work with youth.