Commending good service

Lee Valentine, Rocklands

Most times only the bad things are published about hospitals, but I just have to share my great, amazing and awesome experience.

On Wednesday March 23, I became terribly ill and was rushed to Mitchell’s Plain Day Hospital.

I was helped immediately, and the doctor there transferred me to Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital.

With me nearly dying, and neither me nor my husband knowing this, God sent an amazing man to me.

His name is Dr W Kitondo.

He just saw me and acted immediately, even though he was not meant to be at the ward I had been wheeled into by paramedics. This is according to my husband.

Soon there were doctors all around me, and I was prepared for theatre for an emergency operation.

I was thereafter informed by many nurses and doctors that, had it not been for Dr Kitondo, I would not have been alive today (and, of course, the grace of God).

That doctor was truly my lifesaver. I want everyone to know about him as good deeds should be recognised, especially when it comes to hospital staff as many people have somany bad things to say about state hospitals.

I’m grateful also to all the other doctors and nurses who were involved.

Thank you to the friendly nurses at the antenatal ward at Mitchell’s Plain District Hospital who helped me during recovery time.