Colorado Park pavement a safety hazard

Colorado Park residents Oslyn van Schalkwyk and Stephanie Prins concerned about the safety of pedestrians.

A Colorado Park mother is concerned her children will have to navigate their way through huge food delivery trucks, the stench of stagnant water and traffic, along Caesars Drive – while walking to school next week.

Oslyn Van Schalkwyk, 26, a Caesar Drive resident, said it is minefield for an adult to make their way down the road with a pram because the trucks park on the pavement and pedestrians have to walk in the middle of the road.

“The road is a mess and every day we have to walk through this disaster,” she said.

She also complained about water flowing from the Colorado Park business centre, into the gutter, and causing a stink.

Delivery truck parked on the pavement, with overgrown weeds and a stream overflowing drain water at its back wheel.

The centre is bordered by Caesars Drive, Weltevreden Parkway and Highlands Drive.

Another resident who refused to be named said that another drain was needed because the gutter could not be cleared fast enough and is causing the water to accumulate.

Ms Van Schalkwyk sent WhatsApp messages and images to ward councillor Joan Woodman complaining that weeds on the pavement also had to be removed.

She also went to the property owner to complain about broken pavements and open drains, the covers of which had been stolen.

“This centre is in a terrible state and has been so for years. It is private property but this is a health hazard and it is unsafe,” she said.

She also posted on Facebook about the state of Caesars Drive, to which resident Sandra Nathen responded: “The dirt and stench, from the side of the centre has been there for so long and nothing has been done about it.”

Another resident Stephanie Prins said the discoloured water was attracting flies, which come into their homes.

“Those flies come into our houses. They sit on our food and can cause us and our children to get sick,” she said.

Colorado Park and London Village (COLVILLE) Residents’ Association chairman Almondt van der Schyff said the water flow from the centre outlet into the street drain was a health hazard and that the dirt on the pavement had “suddenly” been cleaned.

Ms Woodman told the Plainsman that on receipt of Ms Van Schalkwyk’s messages, on Tuesday February 2, she had sent service requests to the City of Cape Town.

“I responded (that) this is private property and the owners need to be consulted,” she said.

“Concerns were raised about the overgrown weeds and blocked drain, which I escalated by sending an email to solid waste hours later.

“Two days later they came out and cleaned the sidewalks.

Sidewalk on Caesars Drive cleaned of overgrown weeds.

“The drain issue was logged. Residents are encouraged to log complaints and service requests directly with the City,” she said.

Ms Woodman also directed Ms Van Schalkwyk to speak to the supermarket’s manager and property owner about the delivery trucks offloading and blocking the road.

One of the owners, who only identified himself as E Hassan, said that he would take responsibility for his property.

Ms Van Schalkwyk’s mother Renay Easton had alerted Mr Hassan to the problems and had threatened that she would hold him liable for any injury.

Mr Hassan said about 90% of the residents’ concerns should be dealt with by the City.

“We spent money to unblock the drainage, which the council never had sorted.

“Our main concern is our pedestrians and customers walking up and down the centre,” he said.

He said paving had been stolen brick by brick and that the drain covers had been replaced several times.

Mr Hassan said the residents should complain directly to the shop owners about the delivery trucks.

At the weekend the paving was fixed and the drain covers replaced.

Traffic Service spokesman Richard Coleman said they had not received any complaints in this area.

“Traffic officers visited the centre to investigate vehicles that were parked illegally,” he said.

They found no obstructions at both entrances, he added.

“Two vehicles were parked on the sidewalk and each vehicle was issued with a fine,” he said.