Collecting clothes for children

Members of the Paradise4Kids Trust.

Paradise4Kids Trust is raising funds and collecting clothing during Ramadaan to dress 100 children for Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Co-founders of Paradis4Kids Trust are Asa Abrahams and Nazeema Abrahams from Lentegeur, who started this initiative in 2016, where they collect funds and clothes to donate to an orphanage or home.

One hundred orphans and underprivileged children from Baitul Ansaar in Beacon Valley, St Francis Home in Lansdowne and an SOS home in Heinz Park, will be recipients of these clothing packages.

“My mom, family, friends and I joined hands in this initiative to help children look beautiful on Eid. It is an important time of the year for us and no child should feel sad because of clothes they don’t have,” said Ms Abrahams.

Previously they would take selected children from orphanages and homes on Eid, visit Spur and then hand them the clothing packages after they’ve finished their meals.

Last year they were able to clothe 300 children.

“This year is a bit different during the lockdown period. It is unfortunate that we are not able to do things the way we would have liked to, but we’re grateful that we can still help them,” said Ms Abrahams.

On Friday May 22, Ms Abrahams and her team will be delivering the clothing items to the orphanages and SOS home.

They have also donated food parcels to underprivileged families in their area, she said.

“This is done from the heart, with sincerity.

“We see these children grow up differently than we did. Seeing the smiles on their faces is priceless to us,” she said, adding that they are so grateful for whatever they receive in the bag.

Ms Abrahams is also the co-ordinator for the walking bus for Lentegeur West and principal of Paradise4Kids Educare in Lentegeur.

Washiela Isaacs, a trustee, said to serve alongside Paradis4Kids over the years is an honour and blessing in her life.

“The one event that always makes me smile and leaves a lasting effect is the Eid drive we do for the homes every year. The fact that we can provide food for them at Iftaar and new clothes for Eid always made me happy and proud to be part of the group.

“The smiles and happiness on the faces of the kids are always priceless and heart-warming knowing that we have granted their wish of having new clothes on Eid after a month of fasting,” she said.

If you would like to donate to Paradise4Kids Trust, call Nazeema Abrahams at 078 914 7700 for more information.