City slams brakes on water debt

The City of Cape Town has temporarily suspended new restrictions for water debt during the Covid-19 crisis.

In a media statement, the City said it was an “extraordinary decision taken during an extraordinary time”.

Other debt-management mechanisms, such as those performed through electricity disconnections or deductions from electricity pre-payments, would continue.

The City urged customers to accept this temporary action in good faith and to continue
to use water sparingly and only for health and hygiene purposes.

It also called on residents to continue paying for services to ensure that the City remained financially healthy and able to provide the necessary services especially during a time of crisis.

A careful balance was needed as it was reasonably expected that the City’s finances could become strained as steps were taken to help manage the crisis.

Customers should also remain mindful of water consumption during Cape Town’s drought conditions and continued rainfall unpredictability while ensuring appropriate personal hygiene measures were adhered to.

The City said it would communicate further as more decisions were taken.

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