City resumes spatial planning sessions

Lentegeur residents, Janodien Isaacs, 62, and Kamiela Evans, 63, adding their ideas to the board.

Due to the low attendance at the previous district spatial planning development session at Rocklands civic centre last year (“Planning the future of the ‘Plain,” Plainsman, November 20, 2019), an additional session was moved to the Lentegeur so that more people could attend and comment.

The district spatial development framework (SDF) session took place on Wednesday January 22 at the Lentegeur civic centre with over 150 people attending the session.

They had a chance to talk to City officials about their challenges, needs, and priorities and how they relate to planning in their neighbourhoods.

Officials explained how they prepare the SDFs and how this will affect developments in these planning districts, (“City reviews spatial development frameworks”, Plainsman, January 22).

The review of the SDFs for the City’s eight planning districts commenced last year. The SDF is a tool that formulates a vision for the desired future of the city and the area within it. It also sets guidelines for decision-making and actions to achieve the desired future, said City planning official Leona Bruiners, .

“It is important that we receive your concerns and proposals as it allows for a better understanding of how development is happening and should be guided in your area,” said Ms Bruiners.

Once finalised and approved by the city council, the SDFs will be the City’s response to manage urban growth on a district level and in a manner that is sustainable, resilient, and equitable.

According to Ms Bruiners they will determine how the City should intervene on a local planning level to mitigate against constraints, and to enhance opportunities that will improve residents’ quality of living.

The plans will focus on the nature and location of development on a local level to promote economic growth and job creation.

They will guide the City’s decisions on how and where the private sector and public sector can and should pursue development; how land should be used and where the natural environment and resources should be protected so that the City can become more resilient to climate change and other shocks, prevent urban sprawl, but also ensure that the City directs resources to vulnerable communities.

The district SDF review was done to ensure alignment with new policies and legislative requirements, said Ms Bruiners.

Wolfgat Sub-council chairperson Solomon Philander said it was important for the community to be a part of the process.

“This is a vision session, to help the City in planning for future developments in your area. We must be a part of this so that we can hold those people involved in this accountable. Thank you to all who attended as we needed a voice from the community in future developments and needs to unlock opportunities.”

Lentegeur resident Janodien Isaacs, 62, said: “I would have liked to see a little more people at the meeting. It is important for me to be at these meetings as I need to educate the older folk on what is happening in our area.”

Mr Isaacs said it was difficult to get the rest of the community to be involved in planning and developing the area.

Shane Isaacs, 29, from Watergate, who attended the meeting on Wednesday, said he hoped to see jobs created and tourists drawn to the area.

“Mitchell’s Plain is a city on its own, so I am eager to see what will happen after this meeting,” he said.

To comment on the district spatial development framework and for more information, email