City offers free addiction treatment programme

The City of Cape Town offers a free, 16-week alcohol and drug outpatient treatment programme at City Health primary healthcare clinics in Albow Gardens (Milnerton); Delft South; Khayelitsha (Town 2); Manenberg (Ruimte Road); Parkwood and Tafelsig.

The programme sees clients attend several intensive sessions, made up of, among other things, individual/conjoint sessions (with or without family members); an early recovery group which focuses on the skills clients can use to stay clean and sober; a relapse prevention group, which focuses on living without alcohol and drugs and the related issues; and a family education group, which focuses on educating clients and families about the process of recovery.

Upon arrival at the treatment site, clients will receive an immediate alcohol and drug screening and be offered an HIV test. An appointment will then be made for them to see a therapist for an assessment.

Once assessed, they can enter the programme immediately.

Contact numbers for these sites are:

Delft South: 021 444 8444/5/6;

Khayelitsha: 021 444 2919/21;

Manenberg: 021 637 3984;

Milnerton: 021 514 609/6510;

Parkwood: 021 7050074/0103; and

Tafelsig: 021 397 8906/8195.