Church still relevant, says clerk

Theo Noble and his wife, Patricia, from New Covenant Christian Church.

The church is still relevant and has a vital role to play in promoting morals and values.

Speaking to the Plainsman on the 20th anniversary of the New Covenant Christian Church, in Beacon Valley, its founder Theo Noble says they held various programmes and projects, to help parishioners.

“Church has to be relevant. The Bible is the word of God. We have to live out the word. It is our vision to influence all of society and to tell them what role the church plays in their lives.

“The church must be involved in their lives and it must adapt to the time,” he says.

Mr Noble says they started in a little building on Alpine Road with a few parishioners in 2000.

Eight months later, they were hosting two church services on a Sunday at the old bioscope in Town Centre, which seated up to 600 people.

In 2012 they moved to their current premises, on the corner of Metropolitan and Trampoline streets. Today, the 870- seat church hosts two morning services every Sunday. It has two offices for Mr Noble and his wife, Patricia; a kitchen; a boardroom; three classrooms; and a sound-proof room for moms and tots.

Mr Noble grew up in a shack in Retreat before moving to America, where he was a Christian radio station talk show host.

“One day the spirit of the Lord said, ‘Pack your bags and go home’,” he recalled.

His wife claims to have received the same message and the next thing they knew, they were back with his mom in Retreat. Not long after that they were offered the premises of Docks Mission Church, in Beacon Valley, which drew them to Mitchell’s Plain.

Mr Noble says they have not looked back but are set on serving the community and uplifting one parishioner at a time.

“I want to encourage the youth to live out their dreams,” he says.

Ms Noble says when they started preaching in the area, women came with their swirlkouse and overalls to church.

“Today everyone comes dressed for the occasion, to worship God. We will love you until you learn to love yourself.”

She says they offer counselling, go out in the community and Mr Noble makes a point of knowing every parishioner by name.

Every three months the church hosts an “alms day”, where the community is fed food prepared by parishioners, the children are entertained by the youth and residents can choose their clothes from clothing rails, like in a shop.

Both Mr Noble and his wife run classes for couples to learn about intimacy, cooking classes, pre- and antenatal classes, a youth group, a worship dance crew and choir.

The church’s Covenant Women Inc will hold its Women in Worship (WIW) conference themed “Green – create in me a clean heart O God” at the church on Friday March 13, at 7.30pm. For more information call 021 023 0047.