Children receive toiletry, party packs in honour of Youth Month

Toiletry and party packs were handed out to children in Tafelsig.

With the help of many donors, the Cape Lives Matter organisation distributed 600 children’s toiletry packs and party packs in Tafelsig over the weekend.

Founder Camorin du Plessis, 16, from Portland, said the event was also in honour of Youth Month. “In this time we should understand compassion and have compassion,” he said.

Every child had to sanitise their hands and practise physical distancing of 1.5 metres from the table and also 1.5m from one another.

Camorin said people should learn to give back if they were in a position to help those less fortunate. “We should adopt a heart of giving, and teach others to give so that we can help everyone in this time. We need to support one another right now,” said Camorin,

The Cape Lives Matter team would try to do that every second week, he said.

“Many young people are raised in homes where there is abuse, gangsterism and drug addiction. They may experience this every day, and adapt. I believe that it is my duty to change the way our young people think and to change the mindset of society. With the leaders we create, I believe that we can change and heal our broken nation,” said Camorin.

If you would like to help or donate to his organisation, call Camorin at 084 084 9520, or email them at You can also follow their social media pages @Capelivesmatter