Children learn the value of recycling

Kurt Nathan, 15, from Westridge warms a marshmallow over his braai.

A holiday programme for the youth and community of Westridge was held at Westridge civic centre last week. On Thursday June 28 the focus was on the war on plastic.

Kim Smith, 11, from Westridge said: “We have learned what happens when you waste plastics and papers. When you are recycling it, you can dispose of plastics, paper and bottles.

“I have learned how to recycle in order for us not to have waste lying around. I enjoy being here because I get to enjoy myself with my friends.”

Kurt Nathan, 15, from Westridge said: “I was playing soccer today with my friends. I learned how to roast a marshmallow with a peanut. You need to put the small (tuna) tin can on a flat surface. Use a mayonnaise lid with an iron bottle top on top of it. Put a paperclip on top of the iron bottle top, you’ll need a little Prestik to make it stay. You will stick the peanut onto the paper clip and light it and burn the marshmallow over it, with adult supervision when doing so. The peanut has natural oils inside it making it environmentally friendly.

“This device is called a miniature braai.”

Jocelyn Petersen, 63, from Westridge, a health committee member, said: “I help children every day at the clinic with activities. I came to ensure the children are safely enjoying themselves today.”

This programme encourages children and youth to recycle wisely, and start recycling at home. The recyclable materials will be donated to Soil for Life.