Celebrate art

By Fouzia van der Fort

Young budding Woodlands creatives showcased their work on completion of a series mentoring sessions with Mitchell’s Plain artist Mark Jeneker.

They attended two-hourly sessions offered by the Mark Jeneker Foundation at Northwood hall at least thrice a week.

Their work was displayed on the stage and each participant received a certificate at the hall on Thursday October 28.

Mr Jeneker also highlighted a characteristic of each child, whether it was their demeanour, brush stroke, they cleaned up after class, showed flair or were courteous.

Caitlyn Williams receives a certificate from Mark Jeneker Foundation volunteer Bilqies du Plessis.

He said the ceremony was held to inspire and encourage the children to celebrate their efforts and say: “Yes, I can.”

Mr Jeneker said some children had found it difficult to make friends while others had needed father figures.

The National Lottery subsidises the programme, and recently a supermarket chain offered sandwiches for the children.

Yesterday, Tuesday November 2 Mr Jeneker started a programme at the Westville Primary School in Westridge.

He aims to move the art classes to most areas in Mitchell’s Plain and thereafter host local exhibitions to enthuse children and parents into the world of colour, medium and expression.