Career expo

Representatives from the College of Cape Town give information to the prospective students.

What started as a dream to launch her very own career expo has now become a reality for Jonas McCarthy. Jonas, 24, from Eastridge, founder of the Dream Again career project, invested in empowering the youth with skills and opportunities and on Saturday March 30 the expo was held at the Faith Apostolic Centre Church in Eastridge. Jarrad Ricketts, singer and motivational speaker, performed at the expo and encouraged the youth to get an education, “It’s the key to success,” he said. The South African Police Service, Funza Trust, College of Cape Town, the Department of Labour and Skills Development Professionals,a training institute were at the expo. Five young people received a 12-month learnership opportunity in wealth management from Lynn Kruger from Skills Development Professionals and started on Monday April 1. “Young people should never give up. Many left with information to guide them on their career path and they left dreaming again,” said Jonas. For more information visit the Dream Again Facebook page or contact Jonas McCarthy on 071 013 2017.