Call for residents to report illegal dumping


Strandfontein residents are up in arms about the ongoing illegal dumping in Denneguer Avenue.

They say residents are dumping dirt and rubble on open fields and play parks and they want ward councillor Elton Jansen to do something about it.

Seelan Naidoo from Strandfontein said the illegal dumpsites contribute to urban decay and make the area look untidy.

He claimed the dumping spots have become a hive for drug-related activities.

“In the past we have observed drug deals taking place or drug users making these areas their back yard. The laziness of a few people contributes to the vast amount of illegal dumping and unsafe mounts of rubbish which could also be a health hazard.

“Just as a dirty home invites unwanted pests such as cockroaches and ants, so does the filth of illegal dumping in our area invite unwanted elements,” he said.

Mr Naidoo urges residents to make use of the City’s dumping site that is situated less than a kilometre away from Strandfontein.

“A cleaner area will mean a safer area for our kids to grow up in,” he said.

Bay View resident Mario Oostendurp said the dumping spots are growing in Strandfontein.

“One just has to walk around the area and one will find a range of dumped goods. These range in scale from a single bag of household rubbish to large household items such as TVs, appliances and electronic waste, furniture, mattresses, construction and demolition materials, garden waste, packaging, tyres and soil.

“Any open field, park even the pavement becomes a dump site. Guess who does it ?

“You and I, with total disregard to our neighbours, neighbourhood or the environment. By turning a blind eye, we are encouraging more illegal dumping, and sending a message that illegal activity is okay in our neighbourhoods,” he said.

Mr Oostendurp said illegal dumping is an inexcusable crime that pollutes the area and violates the rights of others.

“This unhealthy and unsightly crime harms our community in several ways such as increased health risks, lower property values, discourages investment, attracts criminal activity and encourages additional dumping.

“There are many alternatives available to dumping. Let us start taking pride, not only in our homes, but in our surroundings as well.

“Imagine the difference to our environment if each resident acted responsibly and helped keep the area clean,” he said.

Mr Jansen said he was not aware of the dumping on Dennegeur Avenue.

“If I was made aware of the dumping, it would have been logged immediately. That is my normal practice when I get complaints. The community must also take ownership when they see dumping taking place and report it to the City of Cape Town – if there is a reference number it should be given to me as the councillor to follow up.

“Some people normally alert me regarding dumping and I would log it personally, however, this should be a collective effort,” he said.

Mr Jansen said the City of Cape Town is committed to stamping out illegal dumping. He said it does not only place a burden on the City’s finances and resources, but can also pose a threat to public health.

“The community can help us stop illegal dumping by reporting problems and the perpetrators so that those acting illegally can be brought to book,” he said.

Mr Jansen said regarding dumping at Strandfontein HighSchool, the onus is on the school to make sure that the bushes get cleared.

“I will assist them like I did the last time when the bushes were cleared after I contacted the Department of Public Works,” he said.

Residents can use the following methods to report illegal dumping:

* Contact 021 400 6157 or you can send an email

* Contact the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.

lContact Mr Jansen on 071 137 8319 and email