Cake and tea

Parishioners of the Apostle Revival Ministries Church.

Elderly parishioners of Apostle Revival Ministries Church were treated to cake and tea, after which they received a food parcel. The church’s outreach hosted a crusade by distributing soup every day and hosting different members of the community on different days to make them feel special. This took place at a marquee set up on an open field, on the corner of Imperial and Oval East streets in Beacon Valley, from Sunday September 11 until Sunday September 18. On Wednesday September 14, they served the senior citizens, but instead of just handing them a food parcel, they hosted them for tea. “We didn’t just want to give them a food parcel, we wanted to treat them,” said Magdalene Leeuw. Pastor Edward Pienaar said the package, which included meat, vegetables and a few other groceries, was small but it is just to show they care. On Saturday September 17, they hosted a fun day for the children.