Building a moral foundation

Alvina Spike, founder of New Creations Outreach, bows her head in prayer.

Mitchell’s Plain police station and local community organisations gathered to reflect on their 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign and to further promote it in the new year.

The programme at the Eastridge police station boardroom on Friday December 10 was co-ordinated by Alvina Spike, founder of New Creations Outreach, a non-profit organisation, launched in 2018, that works with victims of gender-based violence.

Ms Spike had been raped, abused and addicted to drugs.

Community workers in prayer against violence against women and children.

Together local organisations and police are working on their #savemyneighbour campaign to support victims to speak out against abuse, not to turn a blind-eye and to testify to witnessing crimes of domestic violence and abuse; and working towards building solid foundation built on morals, values and self-worth.

For more information and to join hands email Ms Spike on or call 067 158 0807.