Brother of mine

Naeem Mallick, Rocklands

Brother of mine I hope you are well

There’s a stench in the air, an awful smell

The smell of paedophilia and rapist who kill

Our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters yet we are standing still

Observing the carnage as it happens by the day

Wishing these actions would disappear and go away

“Catch the dirty animals! Send them to jail!”

That form of rehabilitation alone is historically bound to fail

How do you teach animals to become gentlemen?

Logic dictates if given a chance they will offend again

We need to set an example to all men as well as boys

Women should be cherished and protected, not treated as toys

A Woman can uplift, support, love, care and inspire

Why do we continue to place them in a quagmire?

Men have to cry, we need to express ourselves emotionally

It’s not a weakness nor does it discredit your masculinity

Find yourself a safe platform to express how you feel

Understanding your emotions may just turn the wheel

Brother of mine, I beg of you let us be true gentleMen

So we don’t have to kill/rape another Woman/Child again.