Broken toilets Alpine Primary School are repaired

Ricardo Mackenzie, a member of the provincial legislature and Alpine Primary School principal Natasha Pather in the fixed toilets.

After an uproar from parents over the vandalised toilets at Alpine Primary School in Beacon Valley, the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) had the boys’ toilets repaired last week (“Vandalism halts schooling at Alpine Primary”, Plainsman, January 29).

Principal Natasha Pather told the Plainsman during a visit on Friday January 31 that their toilets would be functioning fully and the school would be back to normal on Monday February 3.

Bronagh Hammond, director of communications for the WCED, said the estimated damages were over R150 000. The contractors have been working on the boys facilities, as they were the only ones that were damaged in the incident. The repairs were completed by Friday January 31.

Ms Hammond said this was an emergency maintenance request for the damaged toilets to be fixed.

Ricardo Mackenzie, a DA member of the provincial legislature, visited the school on Monday and was very happy to smell the new paint and see the toilets completed. He urged residents not buy stolen goods and said parents and caregivers should speak to their children about defacing school property. “We all need to take pride in our infrastructure as it must be used by future generations,” he said.

Parents could assist and volunteer their time at schools and be a part of community committees to help the school grow.

“It will also provide the school with additional eyes and ears of committed parents on the school property. Parents are encouraged to speak to their local school principal and see where they can assist in keeping their school and learners safe. I believe if we all work together we can keep Mitchell’s Plain safe and crime free,” Mr Mackenzie said.

“We ask that the public please report any suspicious behaviour to the police immediately, and that anyone with any information about an incident that has occurred in our schools also report this to SAPS immediately,” said Ms Hammond.