Bible college council responds

Reverend Nolan Thompson, chairperson, Evangelical Bible College of Southern Africa national council

The letter, “Families at college site face evictions” Plainsman, October 23, refers.

As you would appreciate, the Evangelical Bible College also named EVBICOL were not aware of the unsubstantiated allegations made by residents Jeff Alexander and Kenneth Appany, neither did the questions posed by the reporter on October 10 give any indication thereof.

This with respect, created the impression that the story’s focus will be on whether the EVBICOL is legally authorised to serve a notice to vacate.

Thank you for the opportunity to remedy the situation and bring the following to the attention of your respected readers:

The notices to vacate were served on the families after all reasonable attempts to reach amicable solutions failed to yield any results.

These included mediation efforts by Elton Jansen, councillor for Ward 43, on the insistence of the families and subsequent meetings with the families.

EVBICOL management provided accommodation to the families as an act of kindness in their time of need.

We initially signed a three-month lease agreement and when this agreement had run its term, the families refused to engage in any further discussions.

Since we are not landlords by nature, the accommodation lease agreement was captured in a document bought from a reputable company that produces off the shelf documents, which are perfectly legal.

EVBICOL always maintained its accounts with the City of Cape Town.

Due to increased usage of council services as a result of the families being accommodated our monthly accounts increased astronomically.

The families refuse to pay for any such services, leaving EVBICOL with the responsibility to foot the bill.

In this regard, EVBICOL made arrangements with the City to pay off the outstanding bill.

The utilisation rate for the municipal services average amounts to more than R5 000 per month for which the families are refusing to pay for their usage.

Our financial records and controls are constantly under scrutiny and are audited to provide assurance that all our transactions are above board.

We therefore categorically reject the allegations made by Mr Alexander and Mr Appany.

EVBICOL as an institution provides biblical, theological and practical training to equip workers for the gospel.

We have a rich history of producing well-trained men and women and are committed to this purpose.