Beacon Valley residents receive title deeds

From left are Sub-council 12 chairman Solomon Philander, and residents Frank Daniels, Doreen Daniels and Amarantha Leitch.

On Heritage Day, Friday September 24, Beacon Valley residents Amarantha Leitch, 61, Doreen Daniels, 64, and Frank Daniels, 67 received their title deeds to their homes.

Ms Daniels said excitedly: “I own my own house. We have waited very long for it. We are satisfied and blessed, we appreciate this.”

Ms Leitch said she too had waited a long time for the title deed to her home. “I have waited for years to receive the title deed to my home. This was one of my goals. Waiting for so long to receive this is worth the wait. I will take care of this and continue to make my house a home,” she said.

Sub-council 12 chairman Solomon Philander, who handed over the title deeds said they should invest in insuring their home and make sure a will has been put in place.

“This is your home, your property and your investment, continue to take care of it,” said Mr Philander.