Beacon Valley pastors unite for change

Yon Murray, 11, from Beacon Valley joined his parents in the march.

More than 1 500 residents marched through the streets of Beacon Valley for the launch of the Resurrection Project where pastors in the community have joined hands to collaborate in this project.

Crime is escalating, with violence against women and children, drug abuse, gangsterism and domestic violence a major concern, said Pastor Dean Ford, chairperson of the project launch committee.

“There is a desire to see change where families can become more functional and secure in contributing towards a wellness-culture in our communities,” said Mr Ford.

This has brought, the Beacon Valley pastors, in partnership with the Concerned Clergy Western Cape (CCWC) to formulate a sustainable programme, the Beacon Valley Community Resurrection Project.

“It seeks to resuscitate those values and community spirit we lost along the way. We want to establish family-wellness, build community relationships and provide positive alternatives to our youth,” said Mr Ford.

The project is based on four key pillars: security, financial awareness, education and health, each having a strategic plan to effect change within the community, he said.

“The clergy recognise the need for collaboration between various key stakeholders and community members which will be paramount in the achievement of a desired outcome, because it contributes toward the effectiveness of this programme,” he said.

It will serve the entire community no matter the race, religion and creed. Beacon Valley is used as the pilot project and once successful, will be rolled out to other challenging areas on the Cape Flats, said Mr Ford.