Basic car safety rules

Alex Lawrence, Mitchell’s Plain Residents’ Association Road Safety Committee

It is at home in your driveway or in front of your garage that the most tragic accidents can easily happen.

When you went for your driving test, one of the requirements was to walk around your vehicle and do a visual check (of things) like tyres and lights but once a person passes the test, this simple procedure is easily forgotten.

It is on record where parents have reversed and injured their children as young as one and two years old in their driveway at home.

It is good practice to walk around your vehicle before you reverse.

If you have young children at home do not insert that key into the ignition unless you check where all your children are and that they are safe.

Leaving the key in the ignition to run inside for something you forgot, can also turn out to be tragic if a child turns the ignition key.

Children are very inquisitive and it is for the parent to think of their safety at all times.

The Mitchell’s Plain Residents’ Associations’ Road Safety Committee cares about your safety.

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