Bad service at Telkom

Claudia Cogill, Watergate

I have been a citizen of Mitchell’s Plain for just over 40 years.

I have been a loyal and valued Telkom customer for more than 15 years.

It really saddens me, to see how the people of Mitchell’s Plain have become complacent with the poor service delivery from a so-called fastest network service provider called Telkom.

On Friday August 10, there were more than 40 customers, including senior citizens standing in very long queues for more than an hour.

There were only three staff members attending to customers but five till points were vacant.

Queries, included line defaults, new product applications, SIM swaps, data and airtime.

Staff were not helpful, showed a lack of enthusiasm and ignorance and caused a bottleneck, as it seemed like all of the staff were on a go-slow basis.

Staff left workstations for tea or lunch, without someone else taking over, to help the long queue along.

The moans and groans of the customers had little effect on staff as they continued at a snail’s pace.

As valued customers we have the right to proficiency, excellency and speedy service, as the network claims to be.

It is crystal clear they cannot keep up with the growth and demand of the community.

Services will speed up if the right salesperson, who is qualified, experienced and capable in providing a qualitative service, is employed and able to a demanding and fast growing community.

Mostly the aged are using Telkom.

Your assistance can only improve the lives of the oppressed and the voiceless.

Looking forward to see the change in public services.

Noma Faku, head of Group Communications and PR at Telkom, replies:

The magnitude of the long queues and consequently long journey time raised by the customer as per her experience on Friday August 10 is accurate and acknowledged.

We experienced unprecedented high customer traffic since it followed a public holiday, Women’s Day Thursday August 9, and schools were closed the next day and it being a long weekend.

We are looking at ways to bolster the customer experience for this store.

We are in the process of adding additional staff so that we can cope with increasing customer demand.

In the meantime staff take turns in working down the queues.

We acknowledge the customer’s observation of staff attitude.

This aspect is being addressed and a mystery shopper will be sent to test whether there is an improvement in this regard.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide an input into this matter and we apologise for the inconvenience.