Awards for Rocklands man’s short film

Director and choreographer Nic Matthee shows off the awards the short film Wally Wages: The Smooth Criminal won.

When a short film co-produced and directed by a Rocklands resident won two awards recently, the crew was inspired to start working on its next project.

Based on nominations received by Ballstar Community Arts Company, they presented Touched By Style Arts Projects with the awards for Best Community Project and Best Local Musical Short Film for Wally Wages: The Smooth Criminal.

Director, choreographer and co-producer of the film, Nic Matthee, from Rocklands, said while Mitchell’s Plain and other communities had great potential and talent, the local entertainment industry was “filled with narrow doors of opportunity”.

“We were quite blessed to receive these awards for our movie. It was unexpected. Never thought about it. We thought we would end with this but now it has inspired us to do more. We are busy with science fiction,” said Mr Matthee.

He described their new short film, Dear Swart, The Black Disciple as an action-packed film with guns-blazing, explosions and fast pace content. The movie, which will be filmed in Stellenbosch, the Waterfront and Montague Gardens, is about a young girl who saw criminal activity happen in front of her and she wants to bring about justice.

In a scene from Dear Swart, The Black Disciple are actress Nadia Gouws, 19, from Kuils River and Nic Matthee.

Actress Nadia Gouws, 19, from Kuils River was thrilled to be part of an award-winning group.

“I want to continue this. I am very proud of everyone, especially Nic for coming this far. I know this is something he wants and something we want for him too,” she said.

“I’m very excited for the new film we are shooting. It’s going to be so much more exciting than the first one,” she said.

Choreographer and co-founder of Touched by Style Arts Project, Patrick Lategan, 36, from Kensington said it was “cool to be winning awards”.

Co-founders and choreographers from Touched By Style Arts Project are Patrick Lategan, 36, from Kensington and Nic Matthee, from Rocklands.

“We are working to get our people out there. The community is happy for us, people from all over have reached out to us. As time goes, we try to create opportunities for those underprivileged, and those who seriously want to take on acting and film,” said Mr Lategan.

Mr Matthee, a six-time international dance champion said they planned to complete eight films in three years and that young people interested in acting should contact them.

They plan to release Dear Swart, The Black Disciple at a launch event at Las Vegas Lounge in Westridge on Saturday June 18.

For more information contact Mr Matthee on 076 607 2638.