Autism awareness walk

Nicolette Ripepi, Autism Connect director

Some days at Autism Connect all we keep in mind is that famous movie fish Dory singing, “Just keep swimming”.

Our children are happy souls who we work with so they can acquire skills to help them along.

The pace is set by them, and we just “keep swimming” to make progress.

WAAD shines a bright light on autism as a growing global health issue. There is a great need for all parents to learn more about the research being done, the availability of treatment and to know where to turn to get help.

Combining an applied behaviour analysis (ABA) programme with a biomedical treatment plan is a recipe for success.

The purpose of an ABA is to teach the child appropriate behaviours and skills.

A biomedical treatment approach, guided by a trained doctor, will pave the way to healing.

Autism Connect will hold its annual fun walk at 24 Saringa Street, Westridge, on Saturday April 8, with registration at 8am and the walk from 9am to 1pm. Registration is R15 and R10 for children under 13.

Visit our Facebook page Autismconnectmp or website or contact Nicolette Ripepi at 079 226 0063.