Author pens second book

Author Dr Fadilah Allie.

Once a week a Jehovah’s Witness would drop off literature in the letterbox of a woman who was Muslim but is now a reborn Christian.

For weeks Fadilah Allie would watch this and wanted to engage with the woman delivering the newsletters – and then she found an email address and decided to write to her.

The letter became Dr Allie’s second book An ex-Muslim Woman’s Case for Christ, which she wrote during a year which saw the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down not only our country, but most of the world.

“I wanted to tell her about God,” she said.

“I have been studying the Bible for the past three years. I started to write this letter and with God’s guidance, the writing just flowed,” she said.

Last year she penned her autobiography Saved in Three Days – A Muslim girl’s journey to Christ.

Dr Allie was born in Manenberg, raised in Rocklands and now lives in Edgemead.

She has 15 years’ experience in education as a writer, teacher and lecturer in early childhood development and school leadership; and a doctorate in education from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Dr Allie had, through personally delivering her first book to readers, met and interacted with many different people.

“It humbled me and to hear what people had gone through. I just had to listen to them and give them some upliftment,” she said.

Dr Allie was unemployed between writing the two books and would visit the sick and elderly.

“I witnessed miracles,” she said.

“People would just have to accept God in their lives and through the book I tell people about Him and that there is hope,” she said.

An ex-Muslim Woman’s Case for Christ was completed in September and immediately Dr Allie penned a booklet for girls and young women on the challenges they might face, whether they be related to religion, culture or socio-economics and encouraged them to keep their heads up.

Dr Allie said her writings were not based on her opinion but on her experiences and the research she did – having used her skills as an academic.

Both Saved in Three Days – A Muslim girl’s journey to Christ and An ex-Muslim Woman’s Case for Christ cost R100 each, to cover printing expenses and delivery. She distributes free electronic versions on request.

She also funds a non-profit organisation, Gifts of God, to provide food parcels, children’s devotional and other books for free to those at schools and others in need.

Dr Allie said they would produce health baskets on request at a minimum fee to help those in need.

Her books are available on and those who would like to help distribute Dr Allie’s booklets, can email