Anti-crime walkabout

Residents and community leaders of Lentegeur took to the streets of Lentegeur on Friday May 11, saying they had had enough with gangsterism and feeling trapped in their own homes.

Zurayda Damons from Lentegeur said: “We are showing the gangsters this is our place; we live here. I am so glad we took this walk through our community.”

The crowd, guided by the Lentegeurneighbourhood watch, police officers and many others involved in safety and protection initiatives, walked from door to door, visiting houses where it is alleged that llegal drug activity takes place.

“Alleged drug merchants were not found in their homes; their parents were home,” said community leader Ruwayda Edwards.

“We also want to (change) the anti-SAPS attitude in the community and restore relationships for the better.”

Colonel Herman Seals, the station commander at Lentegeur police station, said this was one of many walkabouts that would take place in their communities.

Ms Edwards said: “This walk was needed in our community. Our communities in most parts are close-knit neighbours and families in the area. We need to empower the community as far and much as we can, and stick together during this time of high crime and violence.”

Glenda Arendse, chairperson of the Lentegeur Neighbourhood Watch, said: “It is about time that we unite and stay united in this community as too many lives especially young lives have been taken. People should keep coming out in their numbers to support this initiative.”