Another perfect score

Mondale High School in Portland achieved a pass rate of 100% (254 candidates wrote and passed) compared to 98.6% (214 out of 217 candidates passed) in 2017.

All roads led to Mitchell’s Plain’s 17 high schools on Friday January 4 as the matrics of 2018 received their results. For Mondale High School in Portland it was a particularly significant celebration as the school achieved its second 100% pass rate, repeating 2015’s feat.

Mondale had 254 pupils who wrote and passed their National Senior Certificate exams in 2018.

Principal Owen Bridgens said discipline was their biggest challenge. “If pupils listen to instructions, it makes a big difference. When you attend university, school or your workplace, discipline is needed.”

They have worked very hard to get to this point, said Mr Bridgens, spending most of their Saturdays at school, studying as well as teachers being very involved. “The Lord has helped us through this time and we are very grateful for all the support,” he said.
It is the second time they’ve achieved a 100% pass rate. In 2016 when Mondale received their 2015 results, they had a 99.8% pass rate. They had two pupils’ scripts remarked, resulting in a 100% pass rate.
“Looking back at the last year, not only did we have a good year in academics but also in sports, such as soccer and athletics to name a few,” he said.
“Pupils are coming out on top in everything they do. Everything comes down to discipline, through this we make it as a community as well,” said Mr Bridgens.
The teachers, staff and school governing body has been a good support system for the pupils, he added.
Mondale matriculant Tyrique Slingers, 19, from Portland had the  third highest mark in his matric group, with three distinctions and an 81.6% aggregate. He said with focus, dedication and faith he got through his journey in 2018. He studied every day, took photos of his work, made recordings and used YouTube and social media to help him with his studying.
“I was smothered in many activities in my matric year and with (good) time management I managed to do everything I needed to do, everything that was important to me. Waiting for my results were overwhelming too.” 
Tyrique has been accepted to Stellenbosch University for a BA in Political, Philosophical and Economic Studies degree course. He is very excited about his year ahead, and said his results were the best birthday gift ever as it was also his birthday on Friday January 4.
Fifth in the top 10 of Mondale’s class of 2018, Chloë Sullivan, 18, from Strandfontein who had been stressing about her results said: “I tried staying off social media to keep me calm when receiving my results.” 
She was accepted to study psychology at Stellenbosch University.
Daakirah Meyer, 18, from Strandfontein placed ninth in the top 10 at the school. She will be studying chemistry at Stellenbosch University and wants to work in forensic science. 
“I am relieved and satisfied but I wish I did better. While I was nervous about my results and the nerves kicked in on the day. I am happy that I am done with school, these were the best years of my life.”
“I am relieved and satisfied but I wish I did better. While I was nervous about my results and the nerves kicked in on the day. I am happy that I am done with school, these were the best years of my life.”
“If every learner decides in their heads they will pass then we will reach 100%. It’s okay if everyone passes but then they may not be able to get into university with a low pass.
“We encourage those who have failed to bounce back and come back to school to see what can be done. We encourage them to tell everyone as keeping it in doesn’t help, they are very challenged by judgement. We make them understand what happened to them and what they can do about,” said Mr Williams.
He said they had started with interventions with their Grade 11s to prepare them for matric. They want to fill up the gaps, and prepare pupils thoroughly from Grade 8 to 12. “We are not a Grade 12 school, we focus on all our grades. Our aim and target with each grade is 100%, for the next three years.”
“Those who are unsuccessful with their matric pass, it’s only an obstacle. Those who are successful, don’t take a gap year and do nothing but constantly keep busy and keep learning – be a lifelong learner,” Mr Williams encouraged.