All smiles, no tears for new school pupils

Alexandra Carlo and Muzzamil Herringer started at Woodville Primary School on Wednesday January 19.

There were big smiles from parents, excitement from pupils smartly dressed in their new school uniforms and warm welcomes from teachers when schools opened last week.

The Plainsman visited various primary schools to capture their first day at their new schools.

Principal of Woodville Primary School William Page said he was excited for the new year, all staff were healthy and they’re positive about 2022.

At back are Genesis Adam and Asriel Jefferies and in front are Isabella Fisher and Safoorah Arendse in the reading corner in their new classroom on Wednesday January 19 at Woodville Primary School.

“We have identified some challenges which are reading and mathematics. However, we are positive with the support we’ve received from the education system, parents and those involved with our school, that we will do well,” he said.

Teacher Cindy Delaney, at back, and teacher Sandra Piedt, centre, with their new class on Wednesday January 19 at Woodville Primary School.

Absenteeism of pupils also played a part last year due to Covid-19. They will continue to check in with those families on the absenteeism of pupils, he said. Some teachers went in their own capacity to check on pupils. “We know there are struggles but we also know we have the support of many,” said Mr Page.

Excited Liam Witbooi in his new class with his mom Carmelita Witbooi. She said Liam was quiet on his way to school but his face brightened up when he saw all his new classmates on Thursday January 20 at Portland Primary School.

Principal of Portland Primary School Eleanor Braaf said they were excited to welcome all their new pupils and parents to the Portland Primary family.

“Thank you for entrusting us with your little gems in our care. We are committed to deliver quality education and uphold the vision of our school. We know that our pupils will have an amazing, exciting and eventful 2022. We guarantee loads of laughter, fun and interesting exposures while learning and developing new skills,” she said.

Mom Leigh-Ann Petersen with her daughter Kendall-Lee Petersen, had an exciting morning on Thursday January 20. Kendall-Lee was excited to start “big school”. “I am excited for my daughter to make new friends and enjoy her school year,” said Ms Petersen.
From back are, intern, Amy Claasen, class teacher, Muniera Veale and intern, Zea Van Reenen with their new class of grade R pupils at Portland Primary School on Thursday January 20.
From left are Khanyolwam Magada, Alexiah Walters, Yamihle Qhusheka and Moegamat Yaqeen Waja on their school’s playground. They were very talkative and told the Plainsman all about the new school uniform colour and what the did at school when they arrived for the first time on Wednesday January 19.
Class teacher Jamie-Leigh Arendorf was very helpful to her new pupils. She showed them where everything was at school and took them for the usual bathroom break on Wednesday January 19.