All mall’s entrances now open

Shoppers flocked to Liberty Promenade on the first day of Level 4 lockdown on Friday May 1.

As lockdown restrictions are eased, more businesses reopen and more shoppers return to malls, Liberty Promenade has made some changes.

Among them is the reopening of all the mall’s entrances which will function as both entry and exit points.

While shoppers will have free access to the mall, they must anticipate having to wait in line to get into certain stores as there are still restrictions on the number of people allowed into stores at any given time, said Brenda Bibby, general manager of Liberty Promenade.

“Liberty Promenade sees a higher volume of shoppers compared to other malls so it is important we remain compliant with these regulations by running the longer queues outside the mall. For these reasons, security will continue to monitor the entrance doors,” said Ms Bibby.

The new measures have been approved by Disaster Risk Management, but are subject to change should they pose a threat to shoppers or become unmanageable.

Everyone is required to wear a mask and visits to the SARS office are allowed by appointment only, which have to be made online.