Aged get active

From left, are Fatiema Thomas, 62, and Jasmine van Niekerk, 67, both from New Lentegeur.

In honour of World Diabetes Day on November 14, members of New Lentegeur Seniors’ Club went for a walk and exercised in Heath Park, a stone’s throw from their homes and weekly meeting place in Gillia Street.

On Thursday November 16, they pledged to meet in the park every Thursday, ahead of their weekly meetings at 10am to support and kickstart their fitness regime to beat and keep diabetes at bay.

Community worker Bernie Gelant hosted an information session and gave them a run down on living healthy. She suggested the following:

Eat healthy balanced meals. Dish in a side plate – fill half of the plate with vegetables or salad; a quarter of it with protein that is meat, fish, chicken or legumes; and the other quarter with starch, either vegetable starch like butternut, potato or rice.

When snacking, opt for foods which include natural sugars, and pay attention to portion sizes.Drink two litres of water every day.

Take medication as prescribed – that is, on time, the right dosage and before or after

Exercise regularly. This can include a brisk walk, doing house chores correctly, while targeting specific muscle groups; and breathing exercises.

To join New Lentegeur Seniors’ Club call Nadia Levy on 021 374 5990 or 060 822 6434.