A wise achievement for young entrepreneurs

Zainab Liebenberg, Niketa Arnoldus, Nosipho Mhlapo, Business Studies teacher Veronica Buckinjohn, Joshua Fortuin, Anne-Ché Fouten, Denealle Jacobs and Nabeelah Frans.

Forty-five Oval North High School pupils were empowered to work wisely with their money and become future entrepreneurs through the Young Achievers Programme.

The Junior Achievers Mini-Enterprise, under the auspices of Junior Achievers South Africa Western Cape, held the programme at the Beacon Valley school for four months. The course took place every Thursday for Grade 10 and 11 pupils who received their certificates on Tuesday June 14.

Principal Na-iam Kassiem said with the high unemployment rate among the youth, they must consider being job creators instead of being job seekers.

“That is exactly what the group of pupils from Oval North High School did.

“They were taught them how to start and manage their own businesses. To start your own business is not easy, you need to persevere and learn determination and tenacity.

“The pupils learnt that business has a lot to do with giving back to your community, being professional and being punctual. It also requires one to be a team player and one who always puts the customer first,” he said.

Grade 10 pupil Niketa Arnoldus, 16, said the programme was informative as she learnt about business and acquired leadership skills.

“This has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have not only learnt about the business world but I have also become confident in leadership skills and problem-solving,” she said.

Grade 10 pupil Nosipho Mhlapo,16, said the programme showed that business is competitive but also very rewarding.

“The industry is challenging but also interesting. You are able to work with people and also contribute to the economy and society by giving people job opportunities. Our country needs good entrepreneurs and I think that it is important for us to learn these basic skills at high school to prepare us for tertiary education and the big world,” she said.

Grade 10 pupil Nabeelah Frans,16, said the programme inspired her to start her own venture.

“I was so motivated that I even started a small business by selling muffins. I had to be disciplined and determined. By remaining focused I have made a profit. I now have to work wisely and make the right decisions because as a business person you need to be firm and make the right choices.

“During the course I have also learnt people skills and customer service which is very important. We often find that people do not know how to work with people who have different personalities and this can affect your business negatively,” she said.