A green space for everyone

Residents in Van Rhyn Crescent, in Tafelsig, have converted a bleak open space, close to their homes, into a bit of greenery.

Neighbours and workers in the The Van Rhyn Garden, in New Tafelsig.

About four weeks ago they started the garden to keep the children off the streets, and away from gangsterism and drugs.

Every other evening they have a bonfire to deter vandalism and loiterers.

They have cordoned the space off with donated pallets, and brought plants from their home to beautify the garden.

Co-ordinator Rafiq Larnie said they wanted to show the community alternatives to joining the gangs, smuggling drugs and drinking alcohol.

“This field belongs to everyone and we all have a responsibility to look after it,” he said.

He said Tafelsig ward councillor Washiela Harris supported the garden initiative and had engaged City of Cape Town departments to give trees, insert a water point and some garden equipment.

Mr Larnie said the area along the road would be fenced and they also hoped to have benches and eventually a vegetable garden.

“We are also taking back our area, one space at a time,” he said.

Ms Harris said she would uplift, support and beautify the area.

“The residents of Van Rhyn want change and I will partner with any groups that want positive change in our community,” she said.

She said the first step is taking ownership of their space, putting in the hard work, passion and commitment to be that change.

“It is awesome when the City and the residents come together to build partnerships, and that is my main aim,” said Ms Harris.

For more information and to donate contact Mr Larnie on 061 733 8837 or Jonathan Arnold on 064 907 8865.