A gifted pot feeds more

Gabieba Rademeyer, chairwoman of Woodlands Women’s Support, at the pot.

Gabieba Rademeyer, chairwoman of Woodlands Women’s Support Group

Woodlands Women’s Support Group received a kitchen hamper from Mayor Dan Plato on December 21.

We are grateful for the pot and gas burner received because it increased our feeding capacity of 200 children to 300 children and seniors.

Woodlands Women’s Support Group members Fouzia Muhammad, chairwoman Gabieba Rademeyer, Mymoena Nelson, Ferosa Diedericks and Mary Mella Jagers.

Before the addition they could only feed 200 children as from Wednesday January 20 they could feed a 100 more children and seniors.

I would like to thank the mayor and Joan Woodman, councillor for Ward 75, for the donation.

It makes a big difference in our feeding. It allows us to feed more people.

We pray that we are able to feed the underprivileged in our community during this pandemic.