88 years of praying with the world’s women

From left, are Winnie Jasson, 69, from Portland, Patsy Petersen, 62, from Mandalay, Mary Alexander, 73, from Westridge and Sophia van der Merwe, 64, from Rocklands, read an introduction to the background of Suriname.

Women from around Mitchell’s Plain gathered to celebrate the Women’s World Day of Prayer (WWDP) at the Calvinist church in Portland on Friday March 2.

This year the WWDP celebrated the 88th anniversary of the Day of Prayer in South Africa.

The session of prayer was officiated by Lorraine Williams, 65, from Westridge, the Mitchell’s Plain leader and former national vice-chairperson of WWDP.

“It is so special to know that we are praying with women from all over the world. We are grateful for women who come forward as we are vital vessels to spreading God’s word to those around us.”

Women from various denominations from around Mitchell’s Plain came together and celebrated the day with the theme “All God’s creation is very good”.

Women of different traditions and denominations worldwide participate in this event every year.

This year they focused on the tradition of prayer in the land of Suriname, the northern eastern part of South America. Included in the programme were the history of the country, greetings, and prayers for the challenges faced by the participants’ countries.

The speaker for the morning, Reverend Demi Franscois, spoke about the drought Cape Town is facing. “We need to believe we will conquer Day Zero and keep on praying for more water to come forth,” said Reverend Franscois.

Mavis Cupido, 71, from Portland said: “It was fruitful and uplifting.”

Belinda Phillips, 62, also from Portland said: “It was a message that we needed to be reminded of what’s going on around us. Even though we’re learning about Suriname and their struggles, it rings true to what we are facing in our own country.”