50 years of wedded bliss

Linda Mary Fredericks, 73, and her husband George Dennis, 74, from Lentegeur, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

A Lentegeur couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary this week.

Linda Mary Fredericks, 73, and her husband George Dennis, 74, who are members of the Outreach Holiness Mission church, in Manenberg, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary yesterday, Tuesday January 25.

They met in Factreton 56 years ago and it was love at first sight, said Ms Fredericks.

“I haven’t got a complaint about my marriage. We have many good days,” she said.

They first lived in Factreton, then moved to Manenberg and settled in Lentegeur almost 30 years ago.

Ms Fredericks said they had arguments but not fights.

“We have been honoured to have God in our marriage. He is still with us,” she added.

They were married at court on January 25 1972, after their daughter’s second birthday.

Ms Fredericks recalls that she did not have a wedding dress and that she wore shoes that were too small for her.

“My feet were blistered afterwards but that did not matter. I just wanted to be married to him,” she said.

Mr Fredericks said over the years their marriage had been very much like a rock ‘n roll dance – “the twist”, to be exact.

They are happy to have their four children, 10 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren living in Mitchell’s Plain – and not far from their family home.