30 years in Outeniqua Crescent

Outeniqua Street residents gather to celebrate the communitys 30th anniversary.

Residents of Outeniqua Crescent, in Tafelsig, celebrated their neighbourhood’s 30th anniversary by sharing moving-in stories and planning the way forward. Speaking to the Plainsman on Saturday December 16, William Spanneberg, chairman of the Outeniqua Civic Body since 2013, said nothing much has changed except the painted colours of the houses. “People have built their boundary walls higher and brick walls have replaced Vibracrete and fencing,” he said.

Mr Spanneberg said this had become necessary for working residents to secure their properties. He said when the civic body was visible criminals were deterred.

They report broken street lights, municipal service delivery problems and do patrols to keep the area safe. “From next year onwards we would like to be more visible,” said Mr Spanneberg.

There are 59 houses in the crescent, 30 of which are occupied by original residents and 29 grandchildren have been born in the past three decades.

Iris Qalaga, 74, the oldest original resident, said it had been a lovely 30 years.

“All the neighbours live like family. We look after each other’s children, who play during the holiday from morning to night,” she said.