Sharing arts and crafts skills

Saamwerkers Charlotte Lenting, Norma Human, both from New Woodlands; Johanna Smith, from Lentegeur; Adelaide Moore, from Portland; Veronica Thompson, from Old Woodlands; and Hilliard Baatjes, from Lentegeur.

Whether you want to learn a new craft, see your imagination come to life or meet new people, Saamwerk Skills Training Project is just right for you.

From sewing, to smocking, painting, stacking sucker sticks and mosaicking – these skills can be learned, taught and shared to either start a business, pursue a hobby or simply beautify everyday objects, including bags, quilts, trays, lamps, jewellery and frames.

Charlotte Lenting, founder and coordinator of the project, has been teaching and sharing arts and crafts since 2002.

The project held an exhibition at the Methodist Church, in Cornflower Street, Lentegeur, on Wednesday September 26.

Displayed on the table were bags, toilet sets, oven gloves, mirrors, plastic bag holders, pin cushions, lamps and door stoppers all created by the Saamwerkers.

Ms Lenting, from New Woodlands, started the project with Wilma Williams after completion of an arts and crafts course, which they shared with parishioners in Beacon Valley.

The group then moved to a container on the Lentegeur Methodist Church property in 2005, and into the church a year later, where they still meet every Monday between 10am and 1pm.

Ms Lenting said men, women, young and old are welcome to drop in, whenever they would like to try something new or share their skills.

“They follow what we teach them, but they come with their own ideas and add their own spice or imagination,” she said.

She said for a pensioner the extra pocket money was always welcome.

“Entrepreneurs are also welcome, provided they want to learn a skill and either sell the product or market the handmade items,” she said.

Johanna Smith, from Lentegeur, who is weeks away from her 90th birthday, has been with the project for many years and proudly displays her handy work, which she sells.

For more information call Ms Lenting on 021 374 7815 or 072 523 775.