Sasha-Lee sends A Little Love

Sasha-Lee is currently in the studio creating her own original sound and is looking forward to releasing more musical projects in 2021.

Singer and songwriting, Sasha-Lee Davids, returns to the spotlight with a brand new single and her first online concert next month.

Sasha-Lee, 30, who hails from Atlantis, rose to fame as a joint winner on Idols SA in 2009.

She released A Little Love on all major digital platforms on January 22 and says she is ready for the SA audience to finally hear what she has been working on in the studio.

“I wrote the song years ago and was inspired by my own life and journey at the time. I was trying to inspire myself to live my life with a little more love in every way I could. I was in a place where I discovered myself through the process of writing and making music and it led me to write this song.”

Sasha-Lee, who wrote the track herself, describes it as a “feel-good song”.

She recorded it at the home studio of her brother, Laurenzo Davids, and has surrounded herself with a new creative team – with whom she feels “inspired to work with” – which comprises Edward George King and her manager, Alistair Izobell.

“The song was produced by Edward George King with the guidance and consultation of Alistair Izobell. I now have a team of creatives behind me which is any artist and songwriter’s greatest gift, when you get to work with an inspired talented pool of people where all the energy and focus is on what we are creating.”

Sasha-Lee will be hosting her first online music concert on Saturday February 27 entitled Sasha-Lee Davids Live.

“I’m going to share an insightful two hours of who Sasha-Lee Davids is. It will be a personal conversation of not only my growth and turning 30, but my understanding of who I am as a woman and creative.”

She adds: “Fans can expect to hear me belt out beautiful songs that I have written and some songs you’ve never heard before. So I implore you, I invite you to get to know me, not what you’ve heard of me or what was written of me or what my Idols journey is because I am way more than all of that and I’d like you to meet me.”

Tickets cost R100 each. Book through Quicket.