Rapper’s new song discusses ghetto realities

Tafelsig rapper Craiig’O

Tafelsig rapper Craiig’O released his song Godlike Waarheid on Saturday November 27.

In the politically-motivated song he says the City is failing underprivileged people on the Cape Flats.

“We should not be dependent on the government. I want us to stay in-the-know and remain as educated as we can. I’m also explaining their plans through deep and realistic lyricism without any fear or favour. Those who have an ear of wisdom will understand the song fully,” he said.

He recorded the song on his birthday, Tuesday October 5, in a shack in Blikkiesdorp. He specifically chose an informal settlement to be surrounded by the environment that “suffers from the wicked plans of the system.”

“I would like people especially from the ghettos within Cape Town to listen to this track because it reveals a lot of things that I want them to know. I would like to meet President Cyril Ramaphosa and perform a few of my political tracks for him face-to-face to make sure he and the entire government cabinet get the message coming from me on behalf of my people. I want anyone who has direct contact with the president to forward him my songs so that he can listen, want hy sal Afrikaans verstaan,” he said.

You can find his song on his Facebook page, Craig Hendricks or @craiigcpt (CraiigO).