Rapper takes ‘no shortcuts’to fame

Portland rapper Christal van der Vent, 19, better known as Crissy.

Spitting rhymes for six years, talented Portland rapper Christal van der Vent, 19, better known as Crissy, released her first music video for No short cuts recently.

The video has had more than 500 views after its release on YouTube on Friday September 2.

Working hard in studio, Crissy has released 25 singles since 2012.

The song No short cuts was produced by Kabe and written by Crissy, who described the song as “catchy and entertaining”.

She said the lyrics are inspirational and relatable.

“The song is about life and its challenges. It speaks about taking shortcuts and how it can catch up with you if you decide on taking that route.

“When writing the song I thought about my life and dreams and how people have been unsupportive and kept telling me that ‘one day’.

“I believe that one day is now, working hard towards my dream, taking no short cuts,” she said.

Crissy has always had a passion for music and started rapping from the age of 13, with Crybaby Entertainment.

Attending Mondale High School in Portland, she performed at carnivals, fashion shows, clubs and at the DStv Mitchell’s Plain Festival.

“I enjoy listening to and performing music. I feel like it is something natural and makes me feel really happy.

“It all started when a classmate asked me to write a freestyle piece for radio. She didn’t think I would do it, but I did and it was actually really good. I then started writing more and discovered that it is something I could take seriously, and I did,” she said.

While working with Crybaby Entertainment she was mentored by Damian Roman. “Damian taught me how to structure my songs, from the hooks, verses, and beats. After I matriculated two years ago, I decided to go on my own. While working, I bought my own equipment and started recording my own music,” she said.

Crissy said she is inspired by international rappers such as Kanye West and J.Cole. “They are absolutely amazing and extremely talented. Throughout the years, I have watched their live shows, and it has helped me in my performances too,” she said.

Crissy has big dreams and plans to release a mixtape called The practice run in January. “Life is short, so you have to dream big. I am going to work hard to have my video viewed on TV and continue to work on my mixtape. Music has become part of my life and because I love it I find myself writing and recording every day.

“I would like to encourage people to support local music and enjoy it. So hop on to YouTube and check out No shortcuts,” she said.