’Plain youth ‘wys’ Cape Town their talent

Members of Taboo Mentality, Ziyaad Hendricks, 27, known as Zizo, from Portland; Steve Samuels, 30, known as Steve-O, from Westridge; Darian Simon, known as D1rty, from Westridge; and Ed Hackley, known as Fly Boy, 22, from Portland.

Members of Taboo Mentality, Ziyaad Hendricks, 27, known as Zizo, from Portland; Steve Samuels, 30, know as Steve-O, from Westridge; Darian Simon, 25, known as D1rty, from Westridge; and Ed Hackley, 22, known as Fly Boy from Portland, met with the Plainsman earlier this month to discuss their new project, What do you wys?

These young vibrant, talented artists are creating a buzz around Cape Town with their new-age hip hop sound.

They want to produce music videos for each of the four songs on their EP, epilogue or extended play.

The almost two-year-old group have released five radio singles, which have been play listed on Good Hope FM.

“We used our music to create a body of work showcasing our frustration as citizens in our first track, titled President,” said vocalist, rapper and songwriter Ziyaad.

He said their music is not about money, image and cars but rather about “real issues”.

“Our lyrics are thought about, discussed and critiqued by each other before it is ratified by the whole group,” he said. “We would like to inspire our fellow youth and people of all ages around us to be positive and have faith, and to believe in change,” said Ziyaad.

Heisagraphic designer and does customer support for web design.

Each of the members have professional day jobs and use every spare moment to create music.

Leading vocalist and songwriter Steve works in bank, and starting singing in an R&B group.

Having groomed himself as a jazz artist, Steve has a good ear and can play any tune on a piano, keyboard or bass-guitar just by hearing it.

Ed, a junior assistant editor, an extra, is a late joiner to the group and said it was cool being a part of something positive.

He used to play the saxophone.

Ed started writing music, which he nurtured independently but joined the group to be a “great artist”.

Darian, 25, founder of the group, songwriter, editor and rapper, is an online visual effects editor and worked hard to have their first song listed on iTunes.

“We create in our chill time,” he said.

He said they wanted to defy the “normal” image people have of hip hop musicians and make it unique in presenting music in the best possible way.

“This EP is all original music by Taboo Mentality and will also feature two brand-new music videos which we believe will create an awareness around who we are and the journey we have been on in making our mark in the industry,” he said.

Darian said it is tough to get their music play listed at radio station, because signed artists have producers and managers who pay big money.

“But we’re doing everything ourselves and we want to be sure everything is at the top of its game,” he said.

They have performed at the DStv Mitchell’s Plain Festival, at 169 (a club in Long Street), at the African Fashion launch, and they were the opening act for Novacaine at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, in Athlone.

The group has been interviewed on Cape Town TV and Good Hope FM.

Their music can be found on Soundcloud, Deezer, audiomack and iTunes.

The group is willing to perform anywhere, provided it fits with their unique style and taste.

Check them out on Facebook Taboo Mentality, on Instagram @taboomentality or on Twitter @Taboomen.