Crissy releases first mixtape

Portland rapper, Christal van der Vent, with her mixtape.

Portland rapper Christal van der Vent, 20, better known as Crissy, released her mixtape, The Practice Run, recently.

The 14-track mixtape, which was released on Thursday November 23, features Ben Caesar, Martum and Jarrod de Cock and is produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Damian Roman.

Speaking about the title she said: “I called it The Practice Run because I take people on a journey with me. Starting from the first track up until the last track, we’re basically taking every lap together.

“Every song has a story that people can relate to. There are love songs, summer songs, hip hop, and R&B,” she said.

Crissy said the mixtape was something she and her manager had been planning for a long time and since its release, she added, it had been doing well.

“This is something we have been working on a long time, however, we were always busy pushing my solo tracks, doing music videos, performing in Johannesburg. So, we never had the time to focus on a mixtape, until Damian contacted me and said I should just come into studio and do it,” she said.

Crissy started rapping at the age of 13 and has kept herself busy, performing at gigs, shooting music videos, and appearing on TV and radio.

“I am trying to do the most with the talent that God has blessed me with. My parents and manager have always stood by my side, supporting me, and that also drives me to work harder on my music.”

Crissy also featured in the Plainsman earlier this year when she released her first music video ‘No short cuts’ (“Rapper takes ‘no shortcuts’to fame”, September 14).

For more information contact Crissy on or 064 084 0582.

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