Craiig’O release song called Ghetto Gospel

Rapper Craiig’O

Tafelsig rapper Craiig’0 has released a song called Ghetto Gospel, storie van n tikkop en n gangster.

The song was released on Tuesday August 31 by Craig ‘Craiig’0 Hendricks under SA Entertainment label in association with Hip-Hop React and MJ Star records.

The song was written by the Craiig’0 and is part of the Ghetto Gospel mixtape that will be released on Tuesday October 5, Craiig’0’s birthday.

“Nobody is perfect. Before we judge drug addicts and gangsters we must first think about what they went through in the difficult times they live in that may have led to gangsterism and drugs,” Craiig’0 said. “In my lyrics I need to speak the truth about what is happening in the Ghettos, in and around Cape Town.”

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