A-family unites in harmony

Crooner Mr A1 Da Sting, also known as Osman Abrahams, from Eastridge.

Three generations of the Abrahams family will unite in harmony to serenade audiences in an evening of music.

Original Mr A1 Da Sting, also known as Osman Abrahams, from Eastridge, will be joined by his sons and grandson at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, in Athlone, on Saturday October 7.

They will be performing in Zhowmix, presented by Vibrantz Promotionz Prezentz, along with Monox, Calm Dance Crew, Sumaya and Rafeeqah.

Black and white is the dress code.

Mr A1 Da Sting told the Plainsman that they have been hard at work for the last three months.

“We want to make sure everything is 100%.

“We will be performing a few new covers, original songs and an array of Motown, rhythm ’n’ blues, and a bit of rap,” he said.

According to his biography, Mr A1 Da Sting started singing at age four.

He said he inherited his gifted singing voice and music ability from his parents – his mom who had a powerful voice and his father who played the slap bass.

“I embraced this gift during my teenage years, whilst living in Retreat,” he said.

He said he often ran to Derek Petersen, the leader of the well-known band The Escapade to help tune his guitar.

“I learned many valuable musical lessons from this icon,” he said.

Mr A1 Da Sting also performed with the Malay choirs and the Cape minstrels.

“My father asked me to perform the song Lucky Lips with my little penny whistle for the minstrel team, as part of the special item,” he said.

He is a founding member of The Boogeymen, with his brother Charlton, a five-member group, which later became four.

According to Mr A1 Da Sting, they conquered every stage with their unique vocal ranges and sense of style.

He formed the production and promotional group Vibrant Promotionz, which allowed him to teach future artists, from his family and other youth interested in music and the performing arts.

He wrote, produced and directed Kaapse Motown.

He also put together vocal group Limited Vibez, including two of his sons Zyboedien and Rafeeq; Chasten Abrahams, his nephew, and Taswell Beecham joined the group, later becoming family. “Mr Beecham is an international singing sensation,” said Mr A1 Da Sting.

His youngest son, Muneep Abrahams, at age 5 was groomed to be the youngest and best Michael Jackson impersonator.

“His stagecraft was developed right here at home under my guidance and discipline,” he said.

They also formed a father and sons vocal group called The A4, performing the single Never, ever forget your mamma and pappa.

“I wrote this song especially to remind the youth of the importance of love and respect towards our parents,” he said.

His oldest son Zyboedien went to form the duet “Thee A2” along with his wife Zurayda.

They performed the hits by Peaches and Herb and their journey continued his legacy and lessons of being a family immigrating to New Zealand.

“The need to groom the younger generation became a necessity for me,” he said.

He and his oldest grandson, Rezah, built, equipped and developed their own recording studio.

Rezah has since developed his musical talents of producing new and exciting sounds for Triple A and Mr A1 Da Sting.

Mr A1 Da Sting also wrote a song for his wife Nadeema – to express his gratitude and undying love for her.

“Her constant support for all the years of being in the music industry.

“Working together as the silent partner holding our family together for all the years,” he said.

Triple A has since changed its name to 3 GenerationZ, with the latest member being Rezah.

“The legacy of keeping my family together through music has now filtered down to the next generation.

“I am honoured and privileged to perform with my next generation and grandchildren,“ he said.

3 Generationz is revamping and finalising all original songs, which Mr A1 Da Sting has written over the years.

Tickets cost R100. For tickets and more information call 073 646 6458.